Residential Basement Renovation: A Stunning Transformation in Dayton, Oregon

In the quaint town of Dayton, Oregon, a two-story, 1800 sq. ft. residential single-family home stood with a basement crying out for a makeover. Beneath the well-kept exterior of this charming home lay a basement that had seen better days. Its concrete floor was deteriorating, and the overall space was devoid of any appeal. It was a daunting task to breathe new life into this space, but Smith and Company Painting, a respected epoxy flooring contractor from McMinnville, Oregon, was more than ready to face the challenge.

A Residential Revamp: The Challenge of Turning an Old Basement into a Stunning Living Space

With a strict one-week deadline looming, they rolled up their sleeves and set to work, revitalizing the basement floor, base, doors, door frames, and staircase. The results were nothing short of spectacular.

Project Highlights:

• Location: Dayton, Oregon
• Project Type: Residential single-family home basement renovation
• Contractor: Parker Smith, Smith and Company Painting, McMinnville, Oregon (503-472-8100)
• Scope of Work: Clean, stain, and seal the basement floor; paint the base, doors, door frames, and staircase
• Timeline: One week to complete

The Basement Renovation Transformation Process: Epoxy Flooring and Fresh Paint

The transformation process of this basement was truly a journey, beginning with the bare bones of a 60-year-old basement and ending with a stylish and functional space. This journey involved careful planning, meticulous execution, and an unwavering commitment to quality. The two key elements of this transformation were the application of epoxy flooring and a fresh coat of paint.

Laying the Foundation: A New Concrete Slab

The journey began with the basement’s original concrete slab in a pitiful state, leading Smith and Company Painting to make the crucial decision to bring in a concrete contractor. The old slab was covered with a fresh, new one that, after curing for three months, was finally ready for the epoxy flooring process.

Choosing the Right Products: Sherwin Williams’ Stains and Paints

The chosen product for the floor was H&C Infusion Reactive Stain, a top-tier acid stain from Sherwin Williams. The unique property of acid stains is their ability to give a translucent, variegated appearance to concrete, making every slab a unique masterpiece. The small imperfections in the concrete, such as minor cracks or contaminants, are highlighted by the acid stain, ensuring that each project bears its distinct look.

For the base and door frames, Smith and Company Painting chose Sherwin Williams ProMar® 200 Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd. The doors and the staircase (excluding the stair treads) were treated with Solo paint. The stair treads, requiring additional durability, were painted with Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel.

Bringing Color to Life: Crumbled Brick, Pure White, and Bolero

The color palette chosen for the renovation was both classic and striking. The floor was stained a rustic Crumbled Brick, while the woodwork was painted a crisp Pure White. The doors and stairs were coated in a bold Bolero, adding a touch of drama to the overall aesthetic.

The Outcome: A Beautifully Transformed Basement

From its beginnings as a 60-year-old space with no drywall, no insulation, and a significantly uneven floor, the basement was metamorphosed into a gorgeous, functional living area. The acid-stained floor’s unique appearance and the fresh paint on the woodwork, doors, and stairs brought the neglected space back to life.

This incredible transformation is a testament to the expertise and commitment of Smith and Company Painting. Despite the tight deadline and challenging conditions, they delivered a stunning renovation that turned an old, neglected basement into a beautiful and inviting living space.

Basement Renovation Makeover: A Testament to Quality and Excellence

This basement makeover project stands as an inspiring example of Smith and Company Painting’s dedication to quality and excellence. The unique blend of skill, creativity, and attention to detail turned a once-forgotten space into a vibrant and functional area, proving that with the right team and materials, any space can be transformed into a beautiful living area.

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