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Retail – Interior/Exterior Painting and Concrete Coatings

At Smith & Company Painting, we understand that your retail store or shopping center is your showplace. We have worked on some of the most fashionable stores in Oregon, and we’d like to add your business to our list of satisfied clients. We provide interior wall, ceiling, and specialty detail painting, as well as exterior facades, trim, doors, and fixtures. Please read about our polyurea floor coatings here.

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Banisters, Posts and Exterior Fixture Painting

Stores and Shopping Centers from Portland to Wilsonville, have been delighted with the professional care we put into every aspect of our work. During our 50 years of experience with all types of painting and coatings, we have developed a unique understanding of quality workmanship and the value to our customers of a well run and trained crew of professionals. We can help add value to your business and save you money by restoring what may seem like an eyesore. This includes details like banisters, light posts, and lighting fixtures.

Displays and Counters

We have plenty of ideas and value-added solutions of which you may not be aware. We have provided many cost-saving solutions for our clients, including creative displays and counters that give curb appeal to highlight your products. Other items we can help with area benches, cabinets, tables, and window displays. It’s incredible the results that come from the right paint and color in the hands of a professional painter and creative client. We’ll work with you to choose the right paint and flooring for your business. Whether you’re looking for anti-graffiti or scrubbable paint or anti-bacterial paint and flooring, we’ll use the products that work best for you.

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Ceilings, Tiles, Air Ducts, and Drywall

Our professionals don’t skip or avoid challenging areas. Ceilings in many retail facilities have high ceilings, columns, sprinkler pipes, and air ducts. You can paint them to add to the décor of your store. If you have existing ceiling panels or you are moving into a new space, you may be able to save a considerable amount on renovation costs by painting the existing ceiling panels or tiles. Commonly, many of our clients were ready for an expensive remodel and didn’t realize various paints and methods to improve the appearance using the right paint system. We can use Dryfall, a paint sprayed on the ceiling with overspray that turns to dust before it reaches the floor.

Dressing Rooms and Rest Rooms

Keep in mind that we can turn your dressing rooms into a lovely space, not an afterthought. Many of our clients have told us that a well designed and artfully painted dressing room helps sell clothing.

The same idea goes for restrooms. Lovely clean and freshly painted bathrooms are appealing, providing an overall positive shopping experience. Our anti-bacterial paints are easy to clean.

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Concrete Floor Coatings

Our concrete floor coatings are high performance, non-slip, low maintenance finish. We have numerous options for color and design, including custom graphics embed between coats. Our process protects custom designs for the life of the floor.

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