Metal Roof Painting Guide

Metal Roof Benefits

Metal roofing is ultra-durable with long term function for 30-50 years or more. On commercial buildings, they offer benefits such as energy efficiency, lightweight and attractive accent to enhance curb appeal.

Metal roofs fit many types of properties, including schools, medical facilities, car dealerships, restaurants, and single-tenant franchise buildings.

For franchises and single-tenant buildings, metal roofs have a design element that is part of a brand. Shopping centers are also significant users of metal roofing to enhance the exterior décor. You’ve likely seen metal roofs on buildings such as McDonald's, Popeyes, Family Dollar, Best Buy, and many others.

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Painting Metal Roofing

As mentioned, metal roofs last 30-50 years. However, wind, abrasive dust in the air, rain, sun, snow can cause the color to fade. To maintain that vibrant, clean look, occasionally, they need painting. There are a few types of paint that are ideal for metal roofing.

  • Acrylic Coatings

    100% acrylic paint is available in unlimited colors. There are different sheens in glossy, semi-gloss and matte. Acrylics are tintable to match your brand. They are UV resistant to prevent fading.

  • Elastomeric Roof Coating Types

    Long-lasting and energy-efficient, mildew resistant. UV and Ozone Resistant

  • Butyl

    An elastomeric coating for flat and sloping roofs.

  • Acrylic

    Ideal for sloping roofs. Environmentally friendly and long-lasting

  • Polyurethane

    Use for coating rubber roofs

  • Silicone

    Use on foam roofs and as a sealant

  • Aluminum Roof Coatings

    These aluminum roof paints are solvent-based. They can be color tinted. They do not provide waterproofing benefits like with acrylic paint.

Metal Roof Paint Brands

Sherwin Williams Kool Seal – This is a UV Resistant Acrylic Roof Paint. Resists fading, cracking and mildew resistant. Comes in 5 Gallon Containers

Truco Urethane Sealants
– Rust prevention roof coatings, Acrylic Elastomeric Coatings, Cool roof systems

Tremco Roof Sealants – Tremco has aluminum roof coatings, metal roofing mastics, and primers.

GAF Elastomeric Roof Coatings – Elastomeric Roof Coatings and Sealants

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