Decorative Concrete Basement Floor Dayton Oregon

Before - 60 year-old-basement
After - a warm beautiful space

Project – Clean, stain, and seal the basement floor and paint the basement base, doors, door frames and staircase

Size – Full basement of an 1800 square foot 2 story single family home in Dayton, Oregon

Time – 1 week

Material Used – H&C Infusion Reactive Stain on the floor, Sherwin Williams ProMar® 200 Interior Water based Acrylic-Alkyd for the base, door frames, and Sherwin Williams Solo for the doors and stairway, and Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Enamel for the stair treads.  Paint colors – Pure White and Bolero.

This job in Dayton, Oregon was a fun one.  If you could have only seen the basement before the remodeling started.  It began as a 60 year old basement with no drywall, no insulation with a 6” drop in the floor within 25’.  The decorative concrete floor makes it a great looking functional space.

The original concrete slab was in horrible condition.  The general contractor hired a concrete contractor to come in and poor a new slab over the top of the old slab.  By the time we were scheduled to start the job the floor had cured for about 3 months which was more than enough time.  All the doors, door frames, and base were all new, with the stair case being an existing staircase.

We used H&C Infusion Reactive Stain which we purchased through Sherwin Williams. Acid Stain is an artistic way of giving a translucent, variegated appearance to bare horizontal new or existing concrete.  Every slab of concrete is a blank canvas with acid staining.  Acid stains accentuate any imperfections in the concrete like small cracks, or contaminants, much like the opposite of painting or sealing the concrete with a solid color stain…no two projects will ever be the same!  Acid stain when applied to the concrete reacts with the concrete to give it a very unique and beautiful look.

Before - Not a very useable space
After - Exciting colors