Industrial & Warehouse Painting Services

Professional Industrial Painting for Industrial Facilities & Warehouses

At Smith & Company Painting Inc., we take your business seriously. Industrial building and warehouse managers all over Oregon have appreciated our painting contractors’ high quality, no-nonsense approach. We paint the interior and exterior of numerous industrial buildings, including metal, steel, wood stucco, and concrete. We also paint metal roofing. We know how hard you work for your money, so we always strive to deliver the very best job at a fair and competitive price. We use the right products and techniques when painting gutters, siding, and metal roofing, so the finished job will last a long time.

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Warehouse Painting Beaverton

Overhead Doors, Steel Frames, Railings & Trim Painting

Some areas of the warehouse get more wear and tear than others. We know how to paint and finish garage and overhead doors so they’ll stay protected and look good even in heavy traffic.

If areas of your building are rusting and need a fresh, clean look, we can restore and paint with rustproof paints and coatings. This process includes all metal areas like roofing, window trim, railings, and fencing.

Industrial Floor Coatings

We specialize in floor resurfacing, epoxy repair, and polyurea concrete floor coatings. Our coatings are high performance, non-porous, and cleanable using non-toxic solutions, so you’ll save money on labor and supply costs. Safety is essential in warehouses and industrial buildings. We have the equipment and expertise for painting safety lines. Our non-slip floors pass OSHA guidelines set to ensure safe workplace conditions.

Smith Paint and Coatings provide superior quality industrial floor and commercial painting services from Portland to Beaverton to West Linn. Businesses know that we use the right paints and procedures when we are painting pipes, ductwork, and mechanical building features.

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings Portland
Concrete waterproofing Portland


Your property is a significant investment, and unprofessional quality can end up costing you plenty. We offer quality masonry painting and waterproofing to help extend the life of your buildings no matter what the material. For over 50 years, we have worked on metal buildings, tilt-up concrete and block, stucco and EIFS systems, metal roofing, and every wood type imaginable.

Interior & Exterior Painting

warehouse painting Hillsboro

Choose Smith & Company Painters for your interior and exterior painting needs. Fresh paint increases your property value and makes your building attractive to customers. We'll match your existing paint color or create a new design for your property.

Safety Lines, Striping & Markings

Safety lines warehouse floors Milwaukie OR

We provide safety lines, aisle striping, markings, logo painting and more for industrial warehouses and commercial properties. Let our expert team create stripings & markings that last longer than typical tapes.

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