Restaurant Painting

Enhancing Restaurant Décor from McMinnville to Portland Oregon

Fine dining establishments, family restaurants, and fast food stores from Portland to Beaverton have hired Smith Paint and Coatings Inc. for top-quality painting and floor coating. We understand the unique demands in dining areas, bars, and commercial kitchens. We use a variety of high-performance paints and concrete floor coatings depending on the requirement.

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Antibacterial Paints & Floor Coatings

Restaurant walls and floors get a significant workout every day. We’ll recommend long-lasting, scrubbable paints for your dining room and kitchen areas. Anti-bacterial concrete floor coatings and wall painting are suitable in all restaurant areas. Ask us about or non-skid floor surfaces.

Restaurants need to be sanitary, safe, and beautiful. We can help you achieve an elegant or classic look in your dining area and entranceway. We are experts in revitalizing exterior facades, staining, and sealing wood trim. Your customers will be drawn to your entrance and be delighted by your interior.

Wood Stains and Sealers

Your restaurant offers more than just food and drink. It’s also a place to relax and socialize. We understand the importance of curb appeal and first impressions. We take extra care when applying wood stain to bars, benches, and other seating to create an atmosphere your customers will want to return to again and again.

Wood staining for restaurants McMinnville OR

Ceilings and Fixtures

It might be easy to forget about ceilings and fixtures, but when you neglect the ceiling tiles and electrical boxes, it can affect the atmosphere of your dining room. We specialize in ceiling, duct, and pipe painting. We’ll help you choose a paint that’s long-lasting and easy to clean.

Rest Rooms

Many customers judge a restaurant by the cleanliness and appearance of their restrooms. Our anti-bacteria, non-skid concrete flooring is easy to clean and eco-friendly. This concrete floor’s non-porous surface is cleanable with non-toxic cleaners. The easy of cleaning reduces your labor and cleaning supply costs. Decorative options are available, so the restroom floors and walls can coordinate with the dining room.

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