McMinnville’s Blue Raeven Bakery Epoxy Flooring Makeover

Tucked away on Alpine St. in McMinnville, Oregon, Blue Raeven Farms Bakery is a haven for bakery enthusiasts. Known for its delectable pastries, the bakery recently faced a significant challenge – a worn-out commercial kitchen floor. Enter Smith and Company Painting, who turned this challenge into a showcase of their flooring expertise.

Bakery Epoxy Flooring Project Highlights

Location: Alpine St., McMinnville, Oregon
Client: Blue Raeven Farms Bakery
Project Type: Commercial bakery flooring renovation
Scope of Work: Grinding, filling cracks, and applying epoxy and decorative flake coatings
Timeline: One week to complete

Setting The Scene: Blue Raeven Farms Bakery

The bakery’s floor had suffered substantial wear and tear over time, with numerous cracks and rough patches marring the substrate. It became essential to initiate a comprehensive renovation to ensure the bakery could continue to operate in a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

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The Solution: Commercial Bakery Epoxy Flooring Renovation

Smith and Company Painting, with their proven proficiency in flooring renovations, devised a detailed plan for the bakery’s floor makeover. The plan involved grinding the old surface, filling the cracks, and applying two distinct types of finishes – a solid-colored epoxy coating and a decorative flake finish.

Solid-Colored Epoxy Coating

The first part of the strategy involved the application of a 20-mil coat of 100% solids, 2-component self-leveling epoxy from General Polymers (GP3745). This robust coating, chosen in “Steel Gray,” brought a modern, sleek look to the bakery’s floor and ensured the durability that a busy commercial bakery requires.

Decorative Flake Finish

The second part of the strategy was to bring a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the bakery floor. After the surface was prepared, a 6-mil base coat of polyaspartic was applied, followed by a broadcast of “Smoke” colored flakes in the ¼” size. Once dry, the excess flakes were removed, and two additional 6-mil coats of clear polyaspartic were applied to seal the surface. This process resulted in an attractive, textured finish that added character to the bakery.

Despite the softness of the concrete slab, which resulted in a slightly rougher finish than initially anticipated, the Smith and Company Painting team managed to ensure a successful and visually pleasing outcome.

bakery epoxy flooring mcminnvilleThe Bakery Floor Transformation

The transformation of Blue Raeven Farms Bakery was not just about improving aesthetics; it was about crafting a floor that was safe, durable, and functional. In just one week, Smith and Company Painting metamorphosed the bakery floor into a showcase of modern design and functionality, combining the practicality of solid-colored epoxy with the unique appeal of decorative flake finishes.

Why Choose Smith and Company Painting?

Smith and Company Painting are not just painters; they are problem solvers, innovators, and above all, dedicated professionals. Their attention to detail, commitment to deadlines, and a clear understanding of the client’s needs set them apart in the industry. From commercial projects like Blue Raeven Farms Bakery to residential projects, they bring their unique touch to every task they undertake.

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Let Smith and Company Painting bring your vision to life, just as they did for Blue Raeven Farms Bakery. With their professionalism and expertise, you can expect nothing less than perfection.

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