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For over 50 years, businesses all over Oregon, from Portland to Dundee, benefit from our professional expertise in painting medical facilities and pet kennels. Ask us for color suggestions and ideas that work for your business. We invite you to give us a call to find out about what we can do for your business.

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Anti Bacterial Floors and Walls

Reduce the risks of kennel cough and other common diseases with anti-bacterial floor coatings and paints. Commercial kennels and veterinary hospitals all over the country are improving sanitary conditions with advanced concrete floor coatings and paints. Read More About Polyurea Coatings. Smith & Company Painting now offer easy to clean and low maintenance surface treatments for dog kennel floors. Our non-porous floor coatings clean up easy with eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners.

Low Odor & Zero VOC Paintings and Concrete Floor Coatings

We understand the importance of maintaining sanitary conditions of medical floors and painted surfaces in veterinary facilities. We offer a variety of low odor, zero VOC paints, and concrete coatings to meet the needs of each area of your kennel or hospital.

Dog kennel floors and veterinary hallways are scraped and scratched every day, that’s why we offer scratch resistant floor coatings that do not trap dirt or moisture. Our floor treatments are bacteria resistant and long-lasting. Polyurea non-slip floor coatings meet the OSHA guidelines set to ensure slip-free workplace conditions

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