How A Fresh Coat Of Paint Brightens A Room – McMinnvile Oregon Residence

Location – McMinnville, Oregon
Property Residential Home
Home Size
– 2,600 square feet
Project – Living room, kitchen, dining room ceilings
Materials – Sherwin Williams,Matte Finish
Completion – 1 day

Note The Difference Between The Top Two Photos

Project Summary

The interior of this home in McMinnville Oregon was dark due to yellowish/tan color that required constant lighting to keep the room bright. Simple solution. Paint the ceilings white.

The biggest challenge was the preparation. Everything in each room needed to be protected before starting the project.  With lot’s of expensive furniture and floor coverings there was no room for error.

The solution for brightening the room was a white ceiling in a matte finish. Matte finish in white does a great job on ceilings with very little light reflection or glare. The Sherwin Williams paint we used is Builders Solution, Extra White.

The project went fast. We were able to complete the project in 1 day with a 2 man crew.

I would like to point out that all our employees are legal citizens, trained, drug tested and given a criminal background check. Part of our training is not just in how to paint but how to provide exceptional customer service, be respectful of each client and their property. We do our best to provide an exceptional, professional experience when dealing with us.

If you are considering having your home or commercial property painted, we can show you our extensive portfolio with references of recently completed projects, not a hand picked list of a few friends or jobs completed in the past 5 years.

We look forward to hearing from you.