Garage Floor Epoxy Coating – McMinnville Oregon

Location – McMinnville, Oregon
Size – 650 Square Feet
Property – Residential Home
Products – Sherwin Williams water based epoxy, polyaspartic
Time -2 days

Project Summary

Garage floor coatings have become a national phenomenon and Oregon is no exception. It makes the garage easy to keep clean and brightens up a dull space. By adding a high performance epoxy coating, most of our clients feel like they just added a new room to their house.

The products we apply are the same ones use in industrial buildings, retail stores and restaurants. When properly applied, they hold up for years unlike the family of garage floor paints that seem to start delaminating before they dry.

Our application process is a system that starts with mechanical floor grinding. This is a critical step. By removing the top layer of the cement floor, we are opening the pores of the surface to allow the coating to soak into the floor. It also removes impurities that might prevent proper bonding.

We applied a 2 coat water based epoxy clear coat and decorative vinyl chips followed by a polyaspartic finish coat.

As you can see in the photos we applied the coating up the wall. Not only does it look good, but you could spray a hose on the floor without concern of water getting under the walls.

In addition to our painting services, concrete coatings is a big part of our business for residential and commercial clients.