Garage Floor Epoxy Restoration-Amity, Oregon

Project – Oversized 3 car garage: prime and paint walls and refinish floor, Amity Oregon
Size – 1,300 square feet
Time – 7 Days to complete
Material Used – Sherwin Williams Contractor Primer, Sherwin Williams Southwest Builders Solo (an acrylic latex enamel), and a Polyurea floor coating

The homeowners requirement was to revitalize his garage and make it both attractive and easy to maintain. He wanted a paint job that could survive our changing climates. He also asked for a floor he could hose down and not worry about water getting trapped in any cracks or joints.  We choose the wall and floor preparations that best suited both the climate and the exiting structural conditions for the residential garage in Amity, Oregon.

We first inspected the walls and ceiling finding many imperfections that could cause problems later on, so we retextured these areas before we primed the walls. We chose an enamel paint that is tougher than most interior paint and an ideal match for the garage.

We filled the joints and cracks on the garage floor with a high quality caulking material and then coated the floor with a state-of-the-art concrete floor coating called polyurea, similar to an epoxy with different characteristcs perfect for this project. This innovative floor coating can hold up to the extreme conditions and harsh chemicals commonly spilled in garages. The industrial grade floor treatment is easier to clean and more durable then many epoxy coatings or floor paints.

There are many colors to choose from for concrete floor; for this job we used Saddle Tan. Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you might have about our painting and floor refinishing services.