Home Depot Garage Floor Epoxy Paint Repair – Oregon

The Problem

If you had garage floor epoxy paint applied by Home Depot or attempted to do it yourself and it came out like in the photos here, we can help you with a repair solution.

Concrete coatings come in many qualities ranging in price from 25 cents per square foot to over $2.00. The cliche “you get what you pay for” certainly applied to the home owners property featured here.  Low grade paints like you find in most home improvement stores cannot handle concrete and the abuse from wear and tear.

In fact, many floors we have repaired, have failed within weeks of application and sometimes days.

In this one, the epoxy paint was applied after the surface was etched with an acid solution. That was the beginning of problem one. Water and moisture are the enemy of any coating. Acid for etching is mixed with water that soaks into the surface. When the coating is applied, moisture is trapped creating a bond breaker. Notice in the image with the small chips that acids which settle in air holes cause chipping almost immediately. Water and acid, bad combination for floor coatings.

In photo 2, the hand you see is peeling a failed patch. Inexpensive crack fillers never fully cure. The patch we’re removing never dried. As a result the coating above failed as well. The whole system applied was flawed before it went down.

The fthird photo showing the tire marks are what you may be experiencing. Again, a problem created with an inexpensive product.

The Solution

We mechanically grind old coatings off the floor as well as the top of the concrete. This opens up the air holes in the surface and exposes cracks we had not seen at first.

Then we fill the cracks with specialty fillers that fill the entire crack and cure below grade. This step is followed by a prime coat of high performance epoxy or polyureas. The top coat is a high build application that will last for years.

If you want your garage floor epoxy paint to look like the photo below we can help you with a repair solution that will last for years. We specialize in the Portland to McMinnville Oregon area.

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