Concrete Silo and Metal Tower Painting Portland OR

  • Metal Tank Painting and Rust Corrosion Removal-2 Tanks, 25′ Tall Each
  • Concrete Silo Powerwashing and Painting, 120′ Tall
  • Industrial Metal Building Painting – Powerwash and Paint
  • Location – Portland Oregon
  • Client – Amalgamated Sugar
  • Commercial Painting Contractor – Smith and Company Painting of McMinnville Oregon
  • Scope of Project – Sandblasting, Power Washing, Rust/Corrosion Removal and Painting. 2 x 25 Foot Tall Water Tanks, 1 x 120 Tall Water Storage Silo and Industrial Metal Building Painting.
  • Time To Complete – 6 Weeks
  • Products UsedInduron Coating Systems, Primer Coat – Induramastic 85, Finish Coat-Indurethane 6600 Plus

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water towr painting

Amalgamated Sugar retained Smith and Company Painting to prevent further rust corrosion of their metal tanks and apply epoxy paint to the concrete silo. Additional Painting to Metal Building Structure.

The 3 Step Prep and Coating Process


  1. Scaffolding Setup
  2. Power Washing and Sandblasting
  3. Epoxy Primer and Finish Coat Application

The 2 smaller tanks required sandblasting to remove the extensive rust. The large, 120-foot tall concrete silo was cleaned and prepped for painting using power washers.

Products Used To Prime and Paint – Induron Coatings

Rust RemovalInduron products are engineered for water storage tank painting and concrete surfaces. Whether you need a coating to protect against corrosion, or when it is time to recoat an old painted surface – Induron coatings provide the solution.  In addition, they also offer ceramic epoxy paints specifically designed with higher performance in mind so that their products will perform better than ever before while using less VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Primer Coat – Induramastic 85

Induramastic 85 is a high build, surface-tolerant epoxy formulated for excellent adhesion to clean steel, rusted steel or weathered galvanizing.

The use of Induramastic 85 provides long-term protection to unpainted or previously painted steel without requiring sandblasting.

It may be used as an alternative for preventing toxic byproducts that are typically produced when blasting structures like buildings, fences/gates, etc., which extend its life span considerably in many cases due not only because it extends metal’s durability but also makes them much easier on paint jobs too!

Finish Coat – Indurethane 6600 Plus

water tankIndurethane 6600 Plus is a high-solids, glossy acrylic aliphatic polyurethane finish formulated with the highest quality of resins and pigments.

It provides outstanding performance in severe climates where long-term gloss retention is required; it has excellent abrasion resistance as well chemical fastness to shield against prints or other unwanted substances adhering on its surface for years without fading away due to acidic conditions that cause discoloration over time.

The coating’s color range offers an unlimited number of colors available which can be customized per customer needs so they’re always looking fresh from head to pixel!

Additionally, this product includes mildewcide molecules added during the manufacturing process which reduce microbial growth when used outdoors without compromising durability.

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