Garage Floor Epoxy in Silverton OR

The Smith and Company Painting flooring division provides home, commercial, and industrial concrete coatings from Portland to Salem, Oregon.

The products we use depend on each customer’s specific use and requirement. Products include epoxy coatings, polyaspartics, polyurea, and urethanes.

Each project includes mechanical grinding of the surface to prepare the base coat properly. This step is critical for the lifetime adhesion of the coating to the concrete floor.

garage floor epoxyGarage Floor Polyaspartic Coating in Silverton

  • Property Type – Residential Home
  • Size – 506 Square Foot 2 car garage.
  • Time To Complete – 1 Day (Polyaspartic Coatings have an ultra-rapid cure time)
  • Floor Prep – Concrete Grinding and Crack Repair, Cracks filled with 2-part epoxy.
  • Decorative Flakes – Broadcast of decorative flakes to cover the entire floor. After a few hours of drying, the team scrapes off excess chips and vacuums.
  • Polyaspartic Finish Coatings – Next, we added a final clear coat to protect the floor while also enhancing the appearance.

The result is non-slip, bright, and clean. It will endure hot tires from your car. It will also protect from oil and grease. It’s easy to keep clean while it prevents the tracking of dirt into your home.

Completed Epoxy and Polyaspartic Floor Projects

We have completed hundreds of projects in many sizes for garages, restaurants and commercial kitchens, machine shops, manufacturing companies, wineries, and medical facilities.

One of our noteworthy projects was the restoration of the famed Wings and Waves Water Park in McMinnville. Click the link to learn more. Wings and Waves Water Park.

Below you will also find two completed metal and concrete painting projects.

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