Metal and Concrete Painting at Wings and Waves Water Park In Oregon

Metal & Concrete Painting Case Study: Wings & Wave Water Park
Location: McMinnville, Oregon
Painting Contractor: Smith and Company Painting
Scope of Project: Rust Removal, Sandblasting, Drywall Repair, Concrete Floor Grinding, Epoxy Floor Paint, Stairs Repaint & Metal Coating Services

Wings & Waves Water Park McMinnville Oregon

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Wings and Waves Water Park in McMinnville Oregon is one of the most popular water parks in America. It has four different waterslides, plus a kiddie pool with a small slide for the kids to enjoy. There is a giant wave pool that will keep kids and their families entertained all day long!

The owners retained Smith and Company Painting to prep, repaint, and recoat various metal surfaces including ductwork, stairs, and lockers. Smith and Company also performed extensive drywall repair and painted it. Additionally, the expert commercial painters completed concrete floor surface prep and applied new epoxy paint to approximately 5,000 SF of concrete floor.

Metal, Steel, Aluminum and Concrete Painting | Overall Scope Of The Project

  • Rust Removal From Steel Stairs and Beams, Repaint
  • Sandblasting Sheet Metal, Aluminum, and Recoat.
  • Drywall Repair and Paint
  • Concrete Floor Grinding and resurface with epoxy floor paint.

The Problem – the new owner of Wings and Waves Water Park wanted to upgrade the appearance with new paint and drywall. Metal stairs and aluminum ductwork also needed sandblasting rusted areas and recoating.  The water park’s extensive foot traffic created large areas of wear on the concrete floors and required new epoxy floor paint. The painting crew experienced challenges because of height and ductwork access, which required sandblasting and repainting.

Solution – After the HVAC updates to eliminate the moisture and humidity, Smith and Company began the process of power washing the peeling paint (like the photo above) to remove and prep for new paint. Additionally, we sandblasted and repainted rusting metal on stairs, supports, and metal lockers in locker rooms. The concrete flooring prep started with grinding the old coating and applying a new, epoxy resurfacing coating.

Time of Completion – Approximately 3 Months

Interior Painting Inside Wings and Waves Water Park

  • Ceiling – Remove peeling paint and repaint
  • Walls – Repair damaged drywall, prime, and repaint
  • Locker rooms – Metal Lockers – sandblasted rust on metal lockers and repainted.
  • Stairs – Metal stairs were rusting, which required sandblasting and repaint.
  • Concrete Floor Work – After the removal of the carpet, we ground and removed the adhesive from the concrete. Also, we ground a large logo off the floor and recoated it with Sherwin Williams Acryla Deck Water Based epoxy.

Metal Paint and Epoxy Products Used

Metal, Concrete Painting McMinnville
Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Pre Catalyzed Water Based Epoxy

Pro Industrial™ Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy is the perfect coating for high-traffic areas in commercial and residential buildings. It’s tough enough to withstand repeated cleanings while being easy on your time with its water-based formula!

The Pro Industrial™ Pre-Catalyzed Water-Based Epoxy has many great properties that make it ideal for commercial projects requiring durability, performance with the ability to withstand repeated cleanings. Its one-component formulation is ideal for walls and ceilings.

Sherwin Williams Acryla Deck

Sherwin Williams Acryla Deck is a high-quality deck coating that provides excellent protection and beauty for both interior and exterior concrete for application on bare or previously painted concrete surfaces, providing up to 20 °F of cooling reduction from UV rays.

Concrete Painting McMinnvilleSherwin Williams Kem Kromik Universal Metal Primer

Kem Kromik® Universal Metal Primer is a corrosion-resistant primer designed for use over iron and steel substrates for use as either an exterior or interior metal primer. This universal coating also provides protection from the elements when being top-coated with epoxies and urethanes that are typically not compatible with conventional coatings such as sandblasted steel.

SHER-KEM® High Gloss Metal Finishing

Enamel is a direct-to-metal coating designed to give a factory applied finish and provide the brilliant color and performance required by large agricultural, construction equipment, or trailer manufacturers. General metal finishing markets use this high gloss metal finish when looking for premium long-lasting finishes.


About Smith and Company Painting of McMinnville

In 1960, Delane Smith founded Smith and Company Painting in McMinnville, Oregon with the mission of painting houses. Forty years later Parker Smith took over the family business and added commercial painting and concrete floor coatings. Quality is his number one priority but customer service really speaks volumes for him as well – a good job done will result in referrals from satisfied customers!