Back-To-School: The best colors for a home office and study space

home office and study

We all know the color you choose for your interior walls can affect your mood, but with back-to-school season in full swing, now’s the time to consider if your family is getting the most out of your den. A home office and study space should be motivating without being too stressful. Your chosen paint color needs to keep you, and your kids, focused.

Colors to avoid

You are bound to get benefits from a wide variety of colors, but there are two to avoid when painting a home office. The first is white. Too many big offices are painted white which contributes to the stuffy corporate environment. This is definitely not what you want when you’re at home. The sterile, clinical color belongs in a hospital instead. The second color to avoid is red. Studies show red leads to frequent distractions and an inability to focus. That’s not what you want in your den.

Study and work stress-free

Soft pastels will cut down on any stress over a deadline. The naturally soothing qualities of the paint color will help you relax and focus on your task at hand, without worrying. If you’re looking for the least stressful study environment to concentrate in, paint your home office walls sky blue. It will provide all of the same benefits as being outside but in a controlled, possibly air conditioned, room. We call that a win-win.

Use color as inspiration

No one says your home office or den has to be boring. In fact, creating a focal point by painting one wall a bold color can serve as extra inspiration. This works effectively if you have a stable neutral (that’s not white) on the three other walls. A soft beige, cream or tan are perfect options. Then, go for broke on your inspirational wall. A rich, bold hue will boost your synapses into overdrive and help you through a particularly tricky problem or subject. Try a deep chocolate brown or forest green in your den.

Match your interior walls to your work

The best paint color for an accountant is not necessarily the best paint color for a novelist. The trick is to pick the right interior wall color to provide motivation for your type of work. A warm buttery yellow will stimulate positive energy. Yellow is the perfect color for creative types. If you need some extra balance and reassurance when getting your work done, paint the home office walls green. If you’re experiencing constant mind-work all day, the presence of blue walls are very calming.

The right office wall color can determine your success. Whether your family is heading into this back-to-school season with straight A’s in mind or you’re going to be doing some extra work from home to keep up with hectic school schedules, it’s important to set the right tone in your den.

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