How to Add Autumn Colors in Your Home

autumn interior paint colors

As the leaves begin to change, you may be noticing how much you love all those warm fall colors. Ever consider painting your home’s interior to reflect the fall season all year long? Whether you want some subtle color or something a little more eye-catching, autumn colors are the perfect way to go.

Paint your home with shades of red, orange, yellow and brown to reflect the wonderful warm colors in nature this season. If you’re not sure how to start, consider these tips for using those fall colors you love.


The color red has been reported to raise the energy level in a room. This is great for common areas like a living room or dining room in order to spur conversation and activity in your home. Additionally, red is a color known to stimulate your appetite, so why not use it where people are eating? However, since red is such a strong color, consider painting an accent wall with it in order to get the effect without being too overwhelming.


Orange is also a stimulating color. It reflects excitement and enthusiasm. It too works well in shared spaces like the living room or entryway. Pairing this color with a more neutral tan or light brown will really allude to the fall season and can help to balance the intensity of the color. If you use a darker or burnt orange, it will also calm the high intensity of the color.


The color of the sun- yellow- has such a happy connotation. Utilize this color for sparks of joy and excitement throughout your home. However, since yellow can be very bright, it’s hard on the eyes. Consider using lighter yellows or much darker shades in order to avoid an overwhelming effect. Using it sparingly, the same as orange and red, is best. Keep in mind, that studies have shown that babies will cry more in a yellow room, so it may be advisable to avoid it in the nursery altogether.

Brown and Neutrals

Brown and tan help to create a more earthy and natural space. Using shades of these in combination with the warm colors of fall will balance and complete your home. They are great livable, flexible and classic colors. These shades can be used all throughout the house. Choose a darker brown to create a calmer, more intimate room. A lighter tan color will open up the room but will still have a softer effect than the harsher brightness of white.

The best way to display autumn colors in your home is the way it is in nature, integration. No tree is all one color. So don’t let a single room be all one color either. By pairing colors you get great results that you’d never accomplish with a single one. For example, using rust and coffee tones can create a more elegant and tranquil feeling. While rust (red) would be very stimulating on its own.

Now go enjoy this beautiful season and have fun painting your home the colors of autumn! If you want professional help with this painting process, be sure to contact Smith and Company Painting and we’ll help you out.