Feeling Stressed? Your Interior Paint Color Could Be the Cause

interior paint color

Numerous studies have shown that colors have a direct effect on our state of mind. Subconsciously, we react to our environment. This means the colors you choose for your walls alter the perception of your home and your own emotions. For example, painting with dark colors add texture and depth to large rooms and make them appear cozier, while bright or light colors will open up a small room with little natural light. But color theory goes beyond illusionary tricks. Your interior paint color affects how you sleep, how you entertain, and just about every other aspect of your life. Choosing the right wall paint color for your needs can change your life for the better and make your house a true home.

Red is intense. It symbolizes passion and can physically raise your energy levels, and your blood pressure. This makes it a bad idea for any room you’re trying to relax in. Though you want to avoid putting red in the bedroom, it’s a great choice for the living room. The energy you receive from a red interior wall will help stimulate conversation, which could ease any uncomfortable silences at an awkward dinner party. However, steer clear of too much crimson. This particular shade might make you irritable.

If you’re feeling a little insecure, try painting your walls purple. A color often associated with royalty and creativity, it will make you feel like a king or queen in your own home. Your confidence will go through the roof! In fact, the bolder the purple, the bolder you’ll feel. Be careful, though. Too much purple can give off a chilly vibe and affect your guests, so focus on bold accent details in your living room or consider painting just one wall. If you’d still like an entirely purple room, pick a softer shade like lavender. You’ll lose some of the boldness but gain a sense of balance in the space.

I don’t think it’ll shock you when I say blue has the most calming effect on your home and your mood. It will make your interior peaceful and tranquil and is the best option to paint your bedroom. Warmer, lighter shades will keep your bedroom from appearing too cold while still helping you sleep.

Are you feeling glum or unproductive at home? Paint your walls green. Much like being in nature, a green room can make you feel restful and studies have shown that it actually increases productivity. Green is the most versatile interior paint color and is beneficial in every room. Turns out, it is easy being green!

What if I said you can start eating healthier and be more motivated to work out just by painting your walls? Yellow painted walls in your kitchen or bathroom inspire healthy living and will energize you to make positive changes. However, yellow isn’t a great choice for every room in your house. We recommend not putting it in a nursery as some suggest yellow walls can make a baby cry longer.

If you’re looking for an even bigger energy boost, incorporate orange as an accent color. Though the typically brighter shades can be overwhelming to take in all at once, orange is a surprisingly delightful complement to a neutral room. This works best in areas of your house that see a lot of activity such as a playroom or family room.

Speaking of neutral colors, the one you choose for your interior paint color can drastically affect your living situation. White, often symbolizing purity, will influence better behavior and generosity. Grey marks sophistication and cools down any room. It’s a great match for energizing paint colors such as yellow and orange. If you want a power boost, use black sparingly. Some designers believe that every room should be anchored with some black for extra motivation.

Determining the right paint color for your home may seem overwhelming at first. But have no fear, once you’ve decided what mood you’re trying to set in each room, a professional designer can work with you to achieve it. At Smith and Company Painting, we work with Willamette Valley’s best interior designers to help you make the best decision for your household.