Why You Should Install Flooring Before Painting

install flooring before painting.
Install flooring before you paint.

Why You Should Install Flooring Before Painting

Install flooring before painting, is that a good idea?  Many people plan a remodel with the flooring being one of the last things they do. After all, painting over a freshly installed floor would be crazy, right? Not exactly. You should actually install flooring before painting if you want to do the process in the right order and minimize the damage done to your brand new paint job.

Reason 1: Keep Paint Looking Nice

Why install flooring before painting, just think about how much dirt, dust, and grime is going to come up when your floors are ripped up from the sub-flooring. Most vacuum cleaners and brooms simply cannot get all of the dirt, no matter how often you clean. If you have fresh paint up on the walls, or on the trim that is going directly over the flooring, it will all be covered in this mess and no longer look or feel like new.

Reason 2: Keep Trim in Perfect Shape

When you install flooring before painting, you also get to move the trim out of the way, which can save you time and energy later. You can then paint the trim away from the new floor and not have to worry about it getting paint on your new flooring. Plus, you no longer have to worry about removing freshly painted trim to install your flooring.

Now that you can see why you should install flooring before painting, call the experts at Smith & Company Painting as soon as your floors are complete and we will come out and do your painting for you!

Why You Should Install Flooring Before Painting Your Dayton OR Home.

install flooring before painting
Install flooring before painting!  Look at all that dust and grime just waiting to ruin your new paint.