Painting Your Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

Ideas for Painting a Teenage Boy’s Bedroom
Make his space comfortable for him.

Painting Your Teenage Boy’s Bedroom

When it comes to painting your teenage boy’s bedroom, you need to get the colors just right. Even though this is your teenager’s sanctuary, you want to choose colors that you and your son can live with.

Bright and Muted Colors

If your son likes bright colors, start off by painting his room in a soft neutral shade of the color he has chosen. For example, if your son wants bright orange, start off with a soft shade of brown, and incorporate a bright orange, two-foot stripe to run around the room. If your son wants relaxing and muted colors, paint the teenage boy’s bedroom putty, sea blue, or light earth tone shades.

Color Combinations

Painting your teenage boy’s bedroom a combination of colors is another great idea. He might love the colors blue and green. If you want to incorporate both colors, paint one wall light blue and the other wall a light green color. You could then paint the remaining two walls a shade of cream or off white.

Faux Denim

Faux denim could provide your son’s room with a laid-back look. Ask him what type of denim he likes. You can choose various shades of denim when painting your teenage boy’s bedroom, including muted yellow or olive green.

If you think teenage boys are not picky, you might be surprised. Contact Smith and Company Painting for ideas on painting your teenage boy’s bedroom. We are a family-owned business based in Oregon, and we have over 50 years of painting experience. We can help you choose the best options, to make sure your son is surprised and happy with the end results.

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