What is a typical residential house painting job schedule?

You live a busy life. How much time do you spend waiting for the cable guy, the plumber or the contractor? You have better things to do, which is why one of the most common questions we hear is about how we handle our painting schedule.

A typical residential house painting job schedule starts at eight in the morning. Being prompt is very important to us so we don’t waste your time. Lunch is then at noon. We are normally done around four in the afternoon.

Some factors could cause deviation from this schedule. Most importantly are the customer’s needs. If our typical schedule doesn’t work, we’re available to paint on weekends, nights and even holidays.

Another deciding factor is the weather. Exterior house painting in Oregon can be very unpredictable, which means the schedule for house painting jobs in the Willamette Valley may be affected by intense rain, wind and snow.

The most important part of any schedule is to ensure every painting job is completed flawlessly. Getting the job done well and on time is our top priority at Smith and Company Painting. To schedule your interior or exterior paint job, give us a call or fill out the form on our website.

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