The Type of Paint You Choose Matters, Especially in the Oregon Rain

Local weather and climate can drastically change the look of the paint on your home. How many times have you driven past a large residential subdivision in your neighborhood and noticed the paint is chipping or fading? Chances are those homes were made quickly. And, to be quite honest, they were probably made cheaply by contractors who aren’t local and therefore haven’t figured out the quirks of Oregon weather.

The key to painting home exteriors in the Willamette Valley is to understand what makes working and living in the Valley so great. This means using long-lasting paints that won’t fade in the rain or the wind. However, using the right paint doesn’t mean just reaching for the most expensive paint you can find. It’s important to know the benefits of each higher end paint, and when to apply them. For example, Sherwin Williams has an excellent product called Resilience that is perfect for exterior painting in the early spring in Oregon.

Of course, higher quality paints often cost more than the cheaper alternatives, but you are paying for that long-lasting look and less maintenance in the future. The type of paint you choose matters. Cheap paints will fade and peel, leading you to repaint faster and spend more money overall. Picking the right paint for your exterior the first time will save you time and money in the long run.

With all this great weather we’ve been having here in McMinnville, now is the perfect time to start your house painting project. Give Smith and Company Painting a call today to schedule an estimate!