Polished Concrete Gazebo Floor in Mcminnville, Oregon

Project – Properly prepare concrete and apply floor coating for gazebo in Mcminnville, Oregon
Size – 125 square feet
Time – 2 partial days
Material Used – Two component crack filler, polyaspartic coating.

Above Photos – Stains removed, cracks filled

Project Summary

We were asked to refinish the concrete floor of a gazebo in Mcminnville, Oregon.  Since there were stains and some minor cracking, we first had to prepare the concrete.  We started by acid etching the concrete, we didn’t need to grind it. There was enough of a rough profile for the coating material to properly adhere to the concrete. We then filled the cracks with our two-component crack filler.

After the concrete preparation was complete, we applied the polyaspartic coating with Saddle Tan colored chips.  We finished with two coats of clear coating.  The polyaspartic coating was the best choice for a gazebo with a hot tub.