Interior Painting For Single Family Home in Dayton Oregon

Case Study: Interior House Painting Dayton Oregon

Interior House Painting Dayton Oregon

This is a case study of the interior painting project we completed in Dayton Oregon on Henry Creek Road. There were few problems with this job, and it was relatively smooth sailing for our team – everything from ceiling to wall paint came out beautiful! We had to fix some minor cracks and nail holes that were about the size of a dime; but overall, they weren’t too big an issue at all.

The best part though? Painting ceilings! It’s something you don’t get to do often so when one comes up, we really enjoy doing them – especially because these old caulking jobs age over time which causes discoloration as well as some cracking throughout their surface area. Of course, before any work could begin owners removed pictures.


Interior Painting Details

 Henry Creek Road Dayton Oregon
Size: 3,800 square feet
Time To Complete – 6 days

painting contractorsPrep Work: Owners removed pictures and photos on walls. It’s preferred to have owners remove valuable items to avoid any liability with our team. The owner replaced all the photos and pictures after project completion.

Ceilings: Fixed old discolored caulking minor cracking. Painted the ceilings.

Workout Room: Paint Color 6178 Clary Sage, Low Gloss Eggshell by Sherwin Williams

Bathroom Color: Sher-Color 7613 Aqua-Sphere Eggshell

Game Room, Adjacent Bedroom & Closet: Paint color 7567 Natural Tan, which is a blend of black, maroon, and deep gold pigments. The sheen is a low gloss eggshell.

Kids bathroom: Sher-Color Formula 6219 Rain, which is a combination of black, new green, and blue pigments with an eggshell finish.

Bedroom: In another of the bedrooms, we applied Sher-Color 6234 Uncertain Gray, a combination of black, new green, and maroon pigments.


Trim: Most of the trim was in good shape. We were able to clean and touch up the trim with 14880 Whisp Of Snow.

Paint Labels: For each project, we take photos of the paint can lids. We keep the images of each paint type for future records. This includes the order number, paint color, and the Sherwin Williams store where we purchased the paint. Sherwin Williams also keeps a database of all paints used for each project including the paint model number and the amount of paint used for each room. This way, at any time in the future, if you need the exact match for touch-ups or repaint, they are available.

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