Garage Floor Transformed in Mcminnville, OR

Project – Strip, apply epoxy, and finish garage floor for single family home in Mcminnville, OR

Size – 625 square feet

Time – 2 Days to complete

Material Used – 2 part water base epoxy, smoke colored chips, 2 coats of polyaspartic clear top coat

We were contracted to refinish a garage floor in Mcminnville, Oregon with an epoxy finish.  We first needed to remove the old flaking paint off the floor and assess any damage of the concrete slab.  There were quite a few small cracks which needed to be filled and high spots which we were able to grind down.

We then applied a 2 part water base epoxy mixed with smoke colored chips, then added 2 coats of polyaspartic for a tough, long lasting top surface.  The owner was blown away by the quality of the preparation and the fantastic smooth and seamless end result.

We specialize in painting and coatings for residential and commercial properties throughout Oregon. Contact us for a free anayysis and quote for your next project at 503-472-4334.

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