Deck Painting and Repair – Amity Oregon

Project – Prepare and paint the deck of a single family residence in Amity, Oregon

Size – 2,000 square feet

Time – 2 days

Material Used –Sherwin Williams Armor Seal Tread Plex** (We do not recommend this paint for exterior cedar decks in Oregon, but we matched it to the original paint because adhesion issues could result if we used different paints.)

Amity Oregon Deck

Mother Nature was busy in Amity, Oregon.  When we first saw the deck, we knew it needed repair before any deck painting could begin.  There were dozens of blisters all over the deck which happened because the wrong paint was used when it was first painted.  The most important coat of paint on anything you paint is the first coat.  If it is not done properly, you have nothing but problems from that point forward.

We scraped the bubbles and reapplied the paint.  Short of completely striping off 100% of the paint there is nothing that can be done.  Unfortunately “problems” may occur in the future all stemming from the wrong product choice of the first layer of paint years before.