5 Tips to Hiring the Right Contractor

hiring the right contractor

There are a lot of different factors that a homeowner needs to take into consideration to ensure that their paint job will be successful one. One of the biggest factors is making sure that the right contractor is hired for the job. We’ve outlined 5 tips that every homeowner should take into consideration when working with a professional contractor.

  1. Take the time to research and hire a reputable and professional contractor. A good starting place is to talk to your friends and family and see if they know of good contractors they have previously hired in the area. In addition, you can also ask the contractor for the phone numbers of the last 3 or 4 customers they have worked for. This is a great way to see first hand the customer satisfaction levels a specific contractor is producing. If a contractor is hesitant or unwilling to give names of his previous clients, take this as a bad sign.
  2. Once you have chosen a contractor, make sure you communicate with them. Have him explain the different paint materials that can be used so you get the best quality and longest lasting paint for your budget. With the many different paint products out there, we always recommend going with the highest quality within your budget. Sometimes there is only a $300 or $400 difference in paints, but it will make all the difference on your house.
  3. In addition with communicating with your contractor, be clear on what they will be doing in terms of prep work. This is the most important part of a paint job. You want to be clear on what the contractor intends on doing as far as scraping, sanding, and priming.
  4. Check in with your contractor to ensure that they are using the paint that was agreed upon. There have been cases in which contractors may tell homeowners they are using a high quality paint and then go to Walmart and buy a bargain brand paint type. Check before they start painting to ensure they are using the paint you requested. Afterward, ask the contractor for a copy of the invoice for the paint to keep for your records. This is always a good idea anyway so you can keep track of what types of paint were used and what color it was.
  5. The last tip we have for you is DO NOT pay the contractor in full until they are 100% finished with the project and you are satisfied with the outcome. It is becoming too much of a problem of homeowners being left out to dry because the contractor never came back to take care of the last bit of touch up. We suggest never paying more than 25% down up front and nothing over 75% until the project is fully completed.

Here at Smith and Company, we love helping our customers. Always remember if you have any questions or need help on a paint project, please give us a call!