Tips For Hiring an Interior Painting Contractor Wilsonville Or 97070

Interior Painting Contractor Wilsonville Or 97070
Tips For Hiring an Interior Painting Contractor

Tips for Hiring an Interior Painting Contractor Wilsonville Or 97070

Smith and Company Painting has been providing interior and exterior painting and coatings for home and commercial property owners for over 50 years. Our primary focus is  McMinnville to Portland Oregon including Wilsonville and surrounding local areas.

Interior Painting Contractor Wilsonville Or 97070

Here are a few tips to consider before hiring a painting contractor.

  1. Outline The Scope of Your Project – Create a list of what you want painted and the colors. Include ceilings, trim, moldings and cabinets.
  2. Choosing Products – Choose colors and sheens. Satin, Glossy, matte.
  3. Size of Area – get an accurate estimate of surface square feet.
  4. Furniture – Will furniture need to be moved? This takes time and effort and should be considered as part of the project.
  5. Budget – Determine Your Budget. Paint and materials can cost $500.00 – $1,000.00 for a 2,000 sf home.
  6. Time – How long will the project take? Workers, drop cloths, ladders and paint will be in the way during the process. Make sure to get an estimate for time and schedule.
  7. Surface Preparation – holes in walls from picture frames, damaged drywall, cleaning walls all take time and effort. Make an accurate estimate of damaged areas.
  8. Cleaning Up – There will be empty paint buckets, rollers and miscellaneous items that will need to be discarded. Be sure to have a clean up solution before starting project.
  9. Damage – Accidents do happen. Take precautions before starting. Have a solution just in case.
  10. Get References – Don’t just get references. Get recent references and view portfolios of completed projects.

When hiring an interior painting contractor consider that you are letting workers into your home or commercial space. They will see your possessions and learn about your patterns. Make sure you know who will be working for you. All our employees are drug tested, we check to make sure they do not have ciminal backgrounds and are legal. Check to make sure the company you hire is licensed and fully insured.

Create a bid sheet for your project detailing the full scope of work, materials, time and schedule. One of the biggest mistakes we see is owners getting bids without a detailed bid sheet. The result is usually a wide range of pricing which becomes a problem later. When you supply contractors with a bid sheet they are all bidding on the same project. If there is disparity in bids you will likely understand why. Discounted pricing is only achieved by using inferior or leftover products, cutting corners and reducing labor.

If you need help creating a bid sheet we can help you. For interior painting projects in Wilsonville Or 97070 or surrounding areas contact us at 503-472-4334.

Interior Painting Contractor Wilsonville Or 97070
Tips For Hiring an Interior Painting Contractor Wilsonville Or 97070