Stop Paying Too Much for Your Local Professional Painter

It may surprise you but house painting contracts aren’t exactly “paint-by-numbers.” Pricing often differs between contractors, as well as from house to house. So how can you be sure you’re not paying too much for your house painter, while not sacrificing quality at the same time?

Prices vary drastically by location so the first step would be to recognize what the average cost is in your area. Take painting in the Willamette Valley for example. In our experience, a house in McMinnville, Newberg and the rest of Yamhill Valley typically costs about $3,500. to paint.

It’s important to keep in mind that number is for the average home. Just as home sizes differ, so does the difficulty of the job. These are two more factors that could determine the cost to paint your house. A small or simple job can often cost as little as $2,000. More difficult and larger projects can run as high as $7,000.

If a painter gives you a static estimate, without taking a look at the size and scale of your home, it’s probably best to wrinkle your nose and walk away. A truly professional painter contractor will look at every aspect of a job to give you a fair and accurate estimate.

Are you looking to start your next house paint job? Give Smith and Company Painting a call to have one of our professional painting estimators take a look at your house!