Moisture Vapor Barrier For Concrete Floors in Oregon

Moisture Vapor On Concrete
Finish Coat Over Moisture Barrier on Concrete

If you have moisture on your concrete floor, it is a result of either hydrostatic pressure or moisture vapor that pushes upwards through your concrete floor. This is a constant problem that causes coatings to delaminate, wood floors to rot and carpet that breeds mold. Every concrete floor is porous and age has nothing to do with it. When your concrete floor was poured, the water went somewhere while curing. That somewhere was to the surface leaving thousands of tiny straws in it’s wake. Moisture pressure pushes vapor through these straws to the surface.

To cure this problem we use a Sherwin Williams product called Fastop MVT. This is a moisture vapor treatment applied topically to concrete floors. It is used as an underlayment for coatings, hardwood, tile or carpet. It’s a low odor, water-based epoxy system.

The process is to grind the surface to remove high and low spots and remove any potential bond breakers. Then we apply a primer and top coat. From there we can install numerous coatings depending on your use. This system is ideal for all concrete floors including garages, basements, residential or commercial properties.

We provide specialty paint and coating applications on all property types throughout Oregon. If you need a moisture vapor barrier for property give us a call and we’ll take a look at project and will assess the options for you. We are based in McMinnville Oregon and have completed hundreds of propejects of all types throughout the state.

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