What Exactly Goes Into An Exterior House-Painting Project


When you pull into a driveway, chances are, the first thing that catches your eye is the exterior paint job. A lot of work goes into making sure that process of painting the exterior of a home runs smoothly. For your standard residential exterior house-painting project, it’s important to follow an efficient and proven routine.

However, before we do any painting, our team will do the necessary washing and prep work that includes scraping off loose paint, removing and replacing bad caulking and masking off things that don’t get painted.

Once the prep work is done, our typical way of painting is spraying the paint onto the surface of the exterior body of the home. We usually spray one or two coats of high quality Sherwin Williams exterior house painting onto the siding.

exterior house-painting project

Next, after the main body is painted, we start painting the trims and doors that are arranged to be painted. Our team will brush and roll the trim with two coats of the same paint we sprayed on the main body. For the front door, however, we will use a more durable paint that will withstand the wear of traffic moving in and out of the home.

That’s it! After the project is complete, it is important to remember to walk around the house with the painter to ensure that everything is painted correctly. Our customer satisfaction is our biggest priority here at Smith and Company!