Even Painters Can Go Green

Spring fever is here! Spring is the season that truly makes us appreciate our environment with festivities such as Earth Day. With the rising trend of people and businesses adapting a more sustainable attitude to their everyday operations, we painters didn’t want to be left out of the loop! After all, painters can go green. While some paint contractors still dump their unwanted paint down the drain, most house paint is actually recyclable!

So how can you take part in the environmentally friendly act of recycling paint? Most Sherwin Williams paint stores in Oregon participate in a statewide paint-recycling program. Simply call your nearest Sherwin Williams store to see if they will accept the paint you’re recycling! A great way to get started on your spring cleaning!

Also see if your painter is environmentally friendly by asking if they recycle their leftover paint supplies. Here at Smith and Company Painting, we do an annual shop cleaning during the winter season and end up taking 100 gallons or more to be recycled!

Play your part this spring by either recycling your old, left-over paint, or hire the professionals that care about our planet. Want to learn more about what we do here at Smith and Company Painting? Give us a call and see what we can do for you!