Dayton Oregon Concrete Garage Floor and Barn Restoration

Location Dayton Oregon, Yamhill County
Size   – 30 x 40,  1,200 square feet
Products  Floor coatings – Polyurea, Walls and Ceiling – Sherwin Williams Southwest Builders Solo
ChallengeClean and restore 30 year old barn/shop. Old concrete floor and extensive drywall repairs


This project was a tough one. The barn was in rough shape that required extensive cleaning of both the walls and the ceiling. We also had to clean two metal, overhead doors. There were old shelves that had to be removed that revealed walls in terrible shape. The drywall needed repairs plus a tremendous amount of nail holes needed to be filled. We udes spackle to fill the small holes but had to cut custom sized dry wall pieces to fill the large ones.

Once we finished prepping the walls, we painted them with primer followed by Sherwin Williams Southwest Builders Solo in pure white.

The floor required grinding the old surface which is typical for every concrete floor we resurface. We filled all the cracks and damaged areas then applied a 5 mil first coat. The second coat was a high build application of  approximately 15 mils. The color was Tuxedo which is a gray with black and white decorative chips that are applied while the first coat is wet. After the first coat was dry we scrape off the excess chips before the final coat.

The project came out great. It’s always amazing to see projects like these when they are completed.