Custom Stained Cabinets: A Stunning Magazine-Inspired Kitchen Transformation in Amity, Oregon

custom stained cabinets Amity Oregon

Smith & Company Painting recently completed a multi-step custom stained cabinets project for a client in Amity, Oregon. The client had a clear vision in mind: they wanted their kitchen cabinets to precisely match a picture they found in a magazine. Our skilled team went through several sample doors to achieve the perfect match, and the results were nothing short of stunning.

Achieving the Perfect Magazine-Inspired Look with Precision and Expertise: Smith & Company Painting Custom Stained Cabinets Case Study

Project Overview

  • Project Location: Amity, Oregon
  • Client’s Request:  Recreate the exact look of a magazine picture, with custom-matched stain and glaze colors on their kitchen cabinets.
  • Products Used: Cloverdale Wood Coatings, Wipe Stain, Sealer, Glaze, Conversion Varnish
  • Project Scope: Recreating a Magazine Picture for a Dream Kitchen
  • Time to Complete: The entire project was completed within two weeks, demonstrating Smith & Company Painting’s commitment to efficient and high-quality work.

Pre-Project Consultation: Expanding the Client’s Vision

Before starting the project, our team at Smith & Company Painting engaged in detailed consultations with the client to ensure that we fully understood their vision and expectations. We discussed the specific color tones, textures, and finishes they desired, and collaborated with them to determine the most suitable materials and techniques to achieve their dream kitchen. This personalized approach enabled us to create a detailed project plan that aligned with the client’s goals and ensured their satisfaction throughout the entire process.

Magazine Inspired Kitchen Transformation: Custom Stained Kitchen Cabinets
Magazine Inspired Kitchen Transformation: Custom Stained Cabinets

Mastering Color Matching: The Key to Achieving the Perfect Look

One of the most critical aspects of this project was matching the colors and finishes of the client’s chosen magazine picture. Our team meticulously studied the picture, analyzed the color tones, and worked with Cloverdale Wood Coatings to custom-match the stain and glaze colors. We developed several sample doors to fine-tune the color and finish and presented them to the client for approval. This iterative process ensured that we perfectly matched the desired look and delivered the stunning result the client desired.

The Process: A Multi-Step Approach to Delivering the Perfect Custom Stained Cabinets 

  1. Pre-Sanding: To ensure a smooth and even surface, our team started with new cabinets and pre-sanded them to 220 grit.
  2. Wipe Stain Application: Our skilled craftsmen applied the custom-matched wipe stain, ensuring the desired color was achieved.
  3. Sealer Application: A sealer was applied to preserve the stain and prepare the cabinets for the glazing process.
  4. Wiping Glaze: Our team meticulously applied the wiping glaze, creating the desired effect that the client envisioned from the magazine picture.
  5. Clear Conversion Varnish: To finish the project, our team applied two coats of clear conversion varnish, ensuring long-lasting durability and a professional, glossy finish.

Client Satisfaction: Building Trust and Long-Term Relationships

At Smith & Company Painting, our top priority is client satisfaction. Throughout the project, we maintained open communication with the client, providing updates on our progress and addressing any concerns or questions they had. Once the project was completed, we conducted a thorough walk-through with the client to ensure that they were thrilled with the final result. Our commitment to excellence and customer service has earned us a reputation as a trusted painting service in Oregon, and we take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients.

The Impact: A Kitchen Transformation That Inspires

The final outcome of this project was a breathtaking kitchen transformation that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The precise color matching and expert craftsmanship of our team resulted in a stunning custom finish that truly captured the essence of the magazine picture. The client was overjoyed with the results, and the project has since served as a testament to Smith & Company Painting’s commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and personalized service.

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