Case Study: Refreshing a McMinnville Home’s Exterior Siding

This summer’s Oregon weather was perfect for a lot of exterior projects. Before we move into the rainy weather and more interior paint projects, we have one last exterior case study to display. This 5,200 square feet house needed a new stain. Updating the McMinnville home’s exterior siding was a good project that we also got to spend in the sun.

The pre-existing siding stain was still in somewhat decent condition, although it was started to show the beginning signs of fading. The house still had its original exterior stain coat from the factory and was approximately three or four years old. Due to exposure to weather, there was some flaking and cracking on the siding.

The Smith and Company Painting team started by cleaning the sealer and siding. This exposed just how badly the siding needed to be recoated. The wood underneath was extremely dry and vulnerable to the elements. When we recoated the exterior wood siding, we chose to use Cabot Wood Siding Sealer in “Chestnut Brown.”

The entire project took just one week to complete. Due to the nature of the wood siding, the Smith and Company team will check on the siding sealer each summer. We are also expecting to need to recoat certain areas in three or four years. However, we will only have to restain spots that are more exposed rather than the entire house.

residential exterior staining

residential exterior siding
residential exterior staining