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Welcome to Smith and Company Painting Inc. where quality, professionalism, and honesty are our guiding principles. We have been a family paint and floor coatings contracting business for the past 50 years, providing services for customers in the McMinnville – Portland Oregon area.

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Residential, Commercial, Paint and Concrete Coating Services

  • Interior/Exterior Painting: Walls, Ceilings,Trim
  • Windows, Doors, Fences, Railings
  • Wood Stains and Sealer
  • Pressure Washing
  • Specialty Garage and Concrete Floor Coatings
  • Non Slip Flooring and Anti-Graffiti Paints
  • Masonry Sealing and Waterproofing
  • Metal Roofing, Plasters, Stucco
  • High Adhesive Coatings for Fiberglass, PVC

Residential Homes

You can instantly improve the value of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Interior and exterior house painting instantly changes the look and feel of your property. We are experts in all areas of painting and floor refinishing. We are fully insured and all of our workers have undergone background checks and are trained professionals. We provide interior and exterior painting . Read More

Retail Store and Shopping Centers

We offer a complete range of painting and floor refinishing services. Ask us about your options for creating a fresh, new look for your individual retail business or an entire shopping mall. Our full service team can paint walls, ceilings, and exteriors. We also offer a wide variety floor refinishing solutions. We’ll be happy to show you our portfolio of previous jobs… Read More

Our many projects include

  • Large and Small Residential Homes
  • Strip Centers, Retail Stores, and Malls
  • Restaurants, Supermarkets, Commercial Kitchens
  • Warehouse, Industrial, Storage Facilities
  • Wineries
  • Office Space and Buildings
  • Medical and Dog Kennel Facilities
  • Hotel, Apartment Buildings, Retirement Facilities
  • Municipal Buildings, Schools, Churches

Why Smith and Company Painting, Inc.

Do you know who you are hiring to come into your home or commercial property? Has your paint and coatings contractor completed drug testing and background checks for their employees? The 10 qualities to look for before hiring a contractor.
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Painting and Specialty Coatings Are Our Business


We offer a wide variety of design solutions to maximize the functionality and appearance of your restaurant. Our bacteria prevention and skid resistant concrete floor coatings are perfect for commercial kitchens with decorative options for dining areas. We use heat resistant paints near hot ovens and stoves areas that are easy to clean and maintain.

Industrial and Warehouse

Our commercial services include concrete floor coatings, walls and ceilings. We use specialty polyurea floor coatings, epoxy floor repair, and various types of paint depending on the surface. For metal buildings we clean and prep the surface and apply high adhesion primers. We are experienced working with steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces as well as stucco, fiberglass.

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painting kitchen cabinets

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