About Polyurea Concrete Floor Coatings

Modern advancements in concrete floor coverings have given business and home owners real choices when it comes to industrial flooring and concrete garage floors. This new coating is a proprietary polyurea which is then enhanced with a polyapartic. In other words our new concrete floor treatments have many advantages over old fashioned epoxy coverings.

• Tight Linking – minimizes bacteria growth
• Waterproof – blocks moisture, improves air quality
• Radon Reduction – reduce radon emission
• Rapid Cure – quick return to service
• Durable – resists chemicals
• Non Yellowing
• Non Slip – exceeds OSHA standards

1.Surface coating fuses into concrete – Other coatings and floor choices are attached or glued to the concrete base. Polyurea coatings actually absord, “wet” into the air holes and veins in the concrete making it almost completely moisture resistant. This prevents bubbling, cracks, and chips.

2.Anti-Bacterial – The chemical composition of our polyurea coatings reduce microscratches, and those that do occur are straight and not ragged. This smooth, hard surface, prevents bacteria and dirt from getting trapped in a frayed scratch like with many epoxy coatings.

3.Odorless – Our polyurea coatings have no volatile organic compounds so they are low odor and almost completely odorless within a few hours.

4.Resistant to De – Icing Salts and other Chemicals – The dense cross-linking chemical structure of our floor coatings make them naturally resistant to winter salt solutions and other chemicals that are often tracked into stores, garages, offices, and many other commercial buildings.

5.Quick Cure – Unlike the old fashioned epoxy floor coatings that can take up to 4 days to cure, multiple layers of our polyurea coating can be applied in a single day and you can be back in business one day later.

6.Dozens of Colors and Styles – It almost sounds too good to be true, but Polyurea/ Polyaspartics floor treatments come in almost any color. You can also add decorative chips or graphic inlays. Your decorating choices are endless.

Oregon home and business owners from McMinnville, Portland, and many towns in between are discovering this new innovation in floor coatings.

Areas Served

Oregon, Or, McMinnville, Portland, Newberg, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Dundee, Carlton, Wilsonville, Four Corners, West Linn, Beaverton, Salem, Keizer, Sherwood, ,Tualatin, Yamhill, Amity, Dayton, Dallas.